At Ceramica Importers our mission as a distributor and wholesaler is to bring you the best and most beautiful tile from around the world. Our mission started 25 years ago with Dana Wolk.


He started in the tile industry at an interesting time. Gone was the American manufacturing and machinery that use to make tile. Enter the new technology of today that has made it much easier than ever to process and create new and unique beautifully sculptured tile and edgings.


Dana looked around and noticed that these changes were happening rapidly. In his quest to provide the most beautiful stone and edgings along with the top of the line tiles, he has traveled to different parts of the world to find the highest quality manufacturers and the best looking stone and tile.


At Ceramica Importers you can now find the highest quality tiles from Italy, Spain, and China. He has made it his mission to go to these countries and be involved with the people making sure that he is on the cutting edge of the tile designer world from around the globe.


Now, through Ceramica Importers, you can offer these very competitive and unique styles to your customers.


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